5 Strategies for Running A Profitable B2B Business

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5 Strategies for Running A Profitable B2B Business When running a business, the term profit seems like a lucrative intangible that translates to vacations, fancy cars, and luxury living. As an entrepreneur, you want to venture into low-cost business ideas with high profit. The most profitable small businesses in today’s world cut across technology, healthcare, […]

6 Tips to Rank for Local SEO

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6 Tips to Rank for Local SEO Local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that involves improving a website to boost traffic, increase leads, and grow brand awareness in local search results. For physical business owners that intend to provide services to target states, regions, cities, and towns, optimizing sites for local search […]

Ultimate Guide to Google Ads 2022

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Ultimate Guide to Google Ads 2022 In this era, getting things done has become much more manageable. With the help of technology, the Internet, and social media,  Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and those who want to have their brands before a wider audience can leverage the opportunity technology has brought. A sure way of doing […]

9 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

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Boosting Website Traffic When it comes to increasing website traffic, there are several different approaches to take. With Digital Marketing, each route and avenue helps the other in some way, so diversifying your approach is never a bad idea! In this article, we will discuss 9 ways to increase site traffic to your website, and […]

SEO Optimization Tips, SEO Audit Checklist, And Other tools for SEO Beginners!

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SEO On-Page Checklist SEO is a science and takes a lot of intricate work and expert planning to execute properly. For someone initially getting into the SEO space, it can seem a bit overwhelming. For that reason, the Premier Marketing staff took the time to explain some of our expert-proven tactics and SEO strategies. In […]