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What is a landing page?

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A landing page is a website page designed to convert visitors into leads. The lead form on a landing page asks visitors for their contact information in exchange for something of value, also known as an offer. A landing page is a standalone web page that is created for visitors to “land on” after clicking a link in an email or an ad from Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. A landing page is created with a single goal in mind, namely to lead visitors to the call-to-action (CTA).

Most landing pages are developed in simple page builders such as WordPress, Wix, ClickFunnels, etc.


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Type of Landing Pages

There are several types of landing pages that serve different roles and use different sales strategies to drive their point across. Here are several types of landing pages:


The squeeze page is a type of landing page that is designed to collect information from visitors, usually in the form of personal data such as name, email address, and/or phone number. In exchange for this information, the visitor typically receives some sort of offer, such as a free download or access to exclusive content. The best squeeze pages contain convincing copy about the offer and a form that is simple to find and to fill out. 


Long-form landing pages, are similar to infomercials in the digital marketing world. They focus on the benefits of the product and repeat these benefits multiple times until the reader is convinced they need to purchase what the business is offering. The long-form landing page provides in-depth information about every aspect of the offer to the visitor.

The more time someone spends on a landing page of this nature, the greater their likelihood of conversion. Excellent copy drags the reader down the page while simultaneously assuring them that they are making a smart choice. The language used should be invigorating, causing the reader to experience FOMO (fear of missing out). The solution to this FOMO, otherwise known as the landing page's offer, should be plainly evident to the reader.


This type of landing page is designed to persuade people to visit a transaction page. The page contains details about the offer, focusing on the benefits and a general explanation of the product or service. This is a landing page with a single button that leads to a purchase page. It does not have any navigation to other pages. Click-through landing pages should be brief, but should also explain why the visitor should make the purchase.

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The main website for a business has a product details page that provides all the information about a product or service. Visitors can read all the information about the product and either purchase it or contact a sales representative to get more information about the offer.

Most landing pages don't have any links to other pages, but a product details page is different. It can have links to other pages, including a website menu. This type of landing page usually includes a photo of the product, as well as important details about the offer. Testimonials or other forms of social proof are also important elements of a good product details page.


This type of landing page features a sales video prominently, as its name implies. The video is typically placed "above the fold" on the page, meaning visitors don't have to scroll down to see it. In some cases, a video landing page will only have the video itself. In others, there may be a video along with some additional written content. To encourage people to watch the video, some businesses make an offer or sign-up form available only after the visitor has watched all (or most) of the video.

The video should promote the product or service and create excitement for it. It should be a few minutes long, but not so long that the viewer becomes bored. A video landing page should include a headline and a video, but other copy and visuals can help as well. They can be used for expensive products or for content that requires a login.

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Strategies to Keep In Mind When Building a Landing Page

Here are the key points to keep in mind when creating a landing page:

  • Define your goal: Make sure it is clear with each project what the goal of the landing page will be, stay consistent throughout every detail of your site.
  • Use a visual hierarchy: Make sure the layout, font, and images tell a story and walk the user through a sales experience.
  • Generate action with a CTA. : Do not just impress users with the design, make sure they have a clear call to action on what you would like from them.
  • Craft a captivating design: Catch your site visitors' attention with an attractive design that will make them want to explore further. You should also choose a layout that is well-planned.
  • Write Sellable copy: Make sure your copy is coherent, professional, and does a good job selling your product.
  • Utilize images. Create an impactful visual presentation to set the tone and charm your visitors. This will help communicate what you and your company are all about.
  • Highlight the value: Make sure you list the benefits and perks of working with your product.

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Steps to Build The Perfect Landing Page

Step 1: Set Your Goal for The Campaign

Every landing page serves as a digital sales funnel. They have an end goal either to push sales, increase memberships, generate contact leads, etc.

Every successful landing page begins with a clear and attainable goal. This will help you determine what elements you need on the page, how to write your copy, and what templates you should use. So—what do you want to achieve with your landing page?

Step 2: Write Your Copy

Most people are excited to start designing, but it's usually better to write the copy first. Make sure you put enough effort into your copy and do thorough research. The copy on the page does the selling for you so make sure it has peak optimization.

Step 3: Craft Your CTA

The CTA (Call to Action) is the actionable step you want visitors to do on your landing page. In order for the CTA to work, you need to include a lead capture form on your landing page. The lead capture form is what collects the visitor’s contact information, such as their name and email address. In exchange for their contact information, you offer something of value, which could be an ebook, a coupon, or a free trial of your product.

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Step 4: Select Your Images

Once you have your images picked out, it’s time to determine how they should be arranged on the page. You’ll also want to consider adding things like videos, infographics, or testimonials to break up the text and add visual interest. By taking the time to create a visually appealing landing page, you’ll be able to increase conversions and get more people signing up for your product or service.

Step 5: Design Your Landing Page

You’ll want to design an amazing experience for your users. Make sure you use layout, hierarchy, color, and font to establish brand consistency and sell a winning product/service/message! Bring in your business logo, update the fonts, and match your brand colors precisely.

Step 6: Develop Your Landing Page

A landing page design on its own will not be very effective. You need to develop the design on a live site. After the site is developed and published, connect it to your business domain, set up analytics, and integrate it with other tools in your marketing stack.

Step 7: Drive Traffic, Test, and Optimize

Once You Have Finished Developing Your Landing Page, you are going to want to drive traffic through several marketing tactics. You are also going to want to test several versions of your landing page to see what configuration works best.

Effective Landing Page Closing Points

A good landing page acts as a catcher's mitt, stopping the traffic that your marketing campaign pitches to the audience. To be effective, your landing page must be specific to the type of traffic it will be catching. Make sure you follow the steps above to make sure you have a winning landing page.


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